UNL Information Technology Services is decommissioning dropbox.unl.edu.
On March 2, 2015 UNL Drop Box will suspend file uploads.
March 16, 2015 is the final day that files previously uploaded to the system will be available for download.
Access to all files will expire after that date and dropbox.unl.edu will be shut down.

ITS recommends the following services to share and send files:

When it's Absolutely, Positively Too Big to Email.



Exchange large files with UNL and non-UNL users.

Office 365 email messages are limited to a total size of 25MB.  Using your web browser, you can upload files (up to 700MB) to our server. You will receive a link to put in your email message. The recipient can click the link to download your file. Files are available for 7 days.

Persons using this service are required to follow the UNL Computer Use Policies.

TIP: Want to upload a folder of files?  Be sure to zip it first!


How to use this site DropBox

  1. Open the UNL File Upload in a new window by clicking the mailbox:
  2. Click "Browse" and select your file
  3. Click "begin upload"
  4. A progress bar will appear, showing how much time is remaining before the upload is complete
    (Note that with large files, there may be a delay where it reports 100% transfered, but nothing is happening. Give it a minute or two to finish processing.)
  5. Copy the link into your email message
    1. Select the contents of the text box with your mouse
    2. Click "Edit...Copy"
    3. Switch to your email program and click where you want the link
    4. Click "Edit...Paste"


  • The file upload size is currently limited to 700 MB.

  • ***Please DO NOT use special characters in the filename as this will prevent the file from uploading properly***


This service is based on software developed by Encodable Industries