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Connections to UNL begin with the basic technology connections themselves

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Identity Management

Identity management or IdM is a term for how you are identified and authorized across computer networks. At UNL there are two IdM services in use, My.UNL and TrueYou, each with a separate focus, unique login and unique password. Changing your password on either IdM immediately affects all its related services. Both IdMs have password recovery methods using similar secret questions. Active Directory logins will allow secure access, in each classroom, to a file server. Users will be able to access their folder from their office machines and transfer data to the server for use in the classroom. Some departments also use Active Directory to access shared departmental resources.





My.UNL Academic Portal
My.UNL runs on the Blackboard Learning Management System.

General Purpose Multimedia Classrooms

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing

New Media Center

Technology Training Workshops

Global Classroom

Holland Computing Center




Opencast Community

Opencast is a collaboration of higher education institutions working together to explore, define, and document podcasting best practices and technologies. Through the Community mailing list and Resource exchange, the community offers guidance and information to help others choose the best approach for delivering rich media online.


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Academic Technology Links

The following are resources applying technology to learning.