Mobile Contest

Update 05/19/2012: We finally have some winners ! Congratulations to you all ! You guys exceeded our expectations and worked very hard in a very short amount of time to build your apps. We couldn't have been more proud !

Here are the winners :

1st Prize : Team Opeth (Shankar Lakshmanan, Masters in Computer Science) - won an iPad 3rd gen for developing an image analysis Android app that identifies fishes.

2nd Prize : Team OOPS (Object Oriented Programmers - Jedd Patterson and Spencer Landis, both freshmen Electrical Engineering) - won an iPad 3rd gen each for developing an Android app that helps create and find study groups on campus easily.

3rd Prize : Team Control Freaks (Lalit Agarwal and Nate Banes from the Facilities department at UNL) - the department won a Kindle Fire for developing a HTML5 web app for the Building Automation System

Best Prize for UI/UX and Graphic Design : Alyssa Brunswick, Sophomore in Journalism for her work on the HTML5 web app on irrigation systems.

Honorable mention : Team Appy Hours (Elli Fugate, Emily Hubl, Ken Klein) for their work on building an app for student discounts and the team that built the HTML5 web app on irrigation systems (Alyssa Brunswick, Daran Rudnick, Garret Coffman, John McCoy). - They won Toppers' Pizza Gift Certificates.

Thanks to all our judges : Eric Rasmussen - University Communications, UNL, Jay Knapps - 42, Matt Sherman - Three Pillars Media, Ross Harrison - 42, Shane Jensen - State Farm Insurance

Update 04/17/2012: This Thursday, April 19th, our student group will be talking at the Computer Science and Engineering Colloquium. Reception is at 3:30pm, Avery Hall and the talk starts at 4pm.

Here is the colloquium abstract :

Mobile Confusion : A Student Perspective 

If you are a student of graphic arts or computer science, or even a hobbyist designer/coder, the mobile space is very confusing right now. There are 3 major players (HTML5, iOS, Android) and a possible 4th game changer, Windows Phone 8. 

Can we use HTML5 and mobile web to make convincing apps or is native (iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8) the holy grail? 

As a student coder, how crazy is it to learn all these platforms and still have a life? 

We will explore these questions from a student perspective. 

We have also scheduled more workshops for this weekend (April 21st and 22nd). 

Update 03/10/2012: I put this in just now because some of you from Nebraska Code Camp might be looking at this. Please keep looking. :P

Also, we plan to have the intro-level workshops in HTML5, iOS, Android one more time (we are shooting for 1st of April).

Advanced levels of workshops in HTML5, iOS, Android, PHP/MySQL are being planned on the weekends of 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th of April.

Check back on Wednesday to find more details or drop your email to get added to the mailing list.

If you are a high school student or not at UNL presently, you are still welcome ! Please email me that you are planning to come so that we can arrange for extra seats ! :)

Update 03/02/2012: FAQ section posted! Teams can register themselves here : Please register early! If you are looking to form teams and trying to find teammates, use the forum

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us : (Sourabh)


What is this contest all about?

If you're interested in anything mobile and want to develop (or learn how to develop) mobile apps, then join this contest and declare yourself cool by association. 

Do I qualify to participate in the contest?

If you have a pulse, yes! 

Although our prime audience will probably be UNL students, we encourage anybody who wants to learn more about mobile technologies to be part of this, including UNL faculty/staff and non-UNL folks.

Do I qualify for contest prize money?

The 1st and 2nd prizes of $1000 and $500 respectively are for UNL students only.

But since there was also quite a bit of interest from staff members so we have decided to create a separate category for UNL faculty/staff to compete. We can't promise any prize money right now but we will keep you updated if we raise some :)

One suggestion was to buy funny geeky hats as prizes but then a wise man asked, where are we gonna have the money to buy 'em geeky hats and everybody was quiet thereafter.

Do I have to form a team? Whats the max. number of team members?

You can be a one-person army because you probably can't get along with anybody else (ok, just kidding :) or you can have up to 3 members in your team, including yourself.

Don't forget to register your team though !

What if I am both a student and a faculty/staff member?
After much thought about fairness, we've decided to go with the highest common denominator. If you are both, then we will consider you in the faculty/staff category :P
Can I have a mix of students and staff in my team?

Yes, but again the rule of the highest common denominator applies. If there is at least one faculty/staff member, the whole team is considered a faculty/staff team and not a student team.

I can almost see the shine of the dollar marks fading from your eyes.

Do I qualify to sit through these workshops?

If you belong to the larger subset of 'All of Humanity', then yes.

Most of these workshops will be quite code intensive so some knowledge about coding is helpful. But if you have no prior coding experience, that is cool too. 

You're more than welcome to watch and team up with somebody else and learn by osmosis. If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to contact us! 

What times are these workshops offered? Where will they be held?

Right now, the workshops have been scheduled on weekends (mostly Sundays).

There will be two sessions, 10am-3:00pm and 3:30-8:30pm. Both sessions will cover the same material. So sign up for whichever works best for you. Of course we will never find a time that works for everybody. So if these weekend workshops don't work for you, email us and we'll find a time that works for you too :)

You can sign up for the workshops here. Login with your blackboard creds and click on Workshop Calendar on the left. If you are not from UNL and cannot register with the system or if the class is full, email us.

The workshops will be held in Arch Hall #107. Both morning and afternoon sessions will cover the same material.


Will you offer workshops in advanced topics? Can I request workshops in areas that I need help with?

Yes! And Yes!

There is this technology that folks invented some where in the 1980's I think. Its sorta difficult to use but with some perserverance you can learn it. You can learn more about it here:

Please use that technology to contact us. 


I need help with my app idea. I sorta know what I wanna make but don't exactly know how to get there. Do you offer any consulting?

You bet! We have met with a couple of teams already so we encourage you to use our resources to get help with any thing you want related to the contest. 

It could be just bouncing off app ideas, critiquing the app design, helping you debug your code, suggesting code libraries that can make your life easier .. so feel free to shoot us an email. We love to help ! We exist for the sole purpose of helping spread technology on campus ! 


What is the app requirement to be eligible for prize money?

We started out with the idea that people will come together to make apps for campus or student use. Obviously there will be some grey areas! 

Maybe you want to make a game or something. In most cases we should be able to muscle in your idea as 'educational' :)

If you have any doubts, please contact us! 

I have an idea for an app but can't work on it by myself. Where can I find more team members like coders or graphic designers?

You can post on this message board / forum (very easy to create an account) and post your app ideas or look for people who want others in their teams.

If you are still having trouble, contact us and we'll play matchmaker for you ;)

Btw, register your team now !

I'm not a Computer Science & Engineering student. I don't have server space to build my apps on. I need php/mysql and a lot other cool stuff. I feel despondent.

Well what can I say, its all over for you then kiddo.

No! Of course not! The Computer Science & Engineering department has very graciously agreed to create server accounts for any UNL student/faculty/staff who is not part of CSE already. You can have this account for rest of the semester. It comes with 150M space and php/mysql, versioning like svn,git and other goodies. Please thank Dr. Riedesel, Shea Svoboda and Charles Daniel if you see them.

To get this one-time-free-bonanza-offer please email me pronto so I can add you to the list. You will then have to go to Avery 27 and meet with Shea to sign up for your account. Bring you N-card with you!

 UNL's 1st Mobile Application Development Contest!


UNL mobile contest meet and greet flyer

Equipment & Software Used In Workshops

We have fifteen 17" Macbook Pro's with Xcode 4.2 (Snow Leopard) and Android IceCreamSandwich SDK (and a whole bunch of android documentation and some plugins). Our machines run both Snow Leopard and Windows 7.

If you wish to bring your own machine, please install these software for the respective workshops:

HTML5 for Mobile : Any code editor (TextWrangler, Dreamweaver, etc.. ) , XAMPP Server

iOS : Xcode 4.2 

Android : Eclipse Indigo, Latest SDK for IceCreamSandwich, android documentation, some plugins

Graphic Designing for Mobile : Photoshop, Illustrator


Prizes will be given to the top two teams. *

1st : New iPad (every team member gets one)

2nd : Kindle Fire (every team member gets one)

* ASUN has strict rules against giving out cash or gift cards as prizes. So the prize will be in form of iPad's and/or other mobile tablets. 


Check out our list of sponsors here.

NUtech Ventures NUtech Ventures
42 42 - Digital Agency
Apress (Books) Apress
Packt (Books) Packt Publishing
Feb 10 Meet and Greet
Feb 10 W'shop in HTML5 for Mobile (intro)
Feb 19 W'shop in iOS App Dev (intro)
Feb 26 W'shop in Android App Dev (intro)
Mar 4 W'shop in Graphic Design for Mobile
Apr 19 Mobile Colloquium
Apr 21 HTML5, iOS, Android intro (repeat)
Apr 22 iOS & Android advanced
Apr 25 Last date to submit apps
Apr 27 Presentation and Prizes



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