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We offer laptop and multimedia equipment checkout at our Nebraska Union, Adele Coryell Hall Learning Commons, and Henzlik Multimedia Locations.

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We offer 7-day laptop and multimedia equipment checkout at our Nebraska Union, Adele Hall Learning Commons, and Henzlik Multimedia Locations. This means that all laptops and multimedia equipment are due to be checked-in exactly 7 days later. 

Four-hour accessory checkouts are available for all accessories with one renewal.

  • Our $21 per day (or portion thereof) Late Fee remains in effect and will accrue over weekends.
  • Students returning a laptop or multimedia equipment cannot check out another until the start of the next day.

More information about our checkout locations is available here.

Getting Started

East Union Laptops Checkout

Monday: 11:30am - 4pm
Tuesday: 12:30pm - 4pm
Thursday: 11am - 3pm
Friday: 12:30pm - 4pm

  • 7-Day Laptop (PC): 4
Henzlik Laptops Checkout

Monday-Friday: 8:00am—8:00pm

  • 7-Day Laptop (PC): 32
Union Laptops Checkout

Monday-Sunday: 24 hours
Open ONLY to UNL Students

  • 7-Day Laptop (PC): 58
  • 7-Day Laptop (Mac): 28
  • iPad: 6
Laptop and Multimedia Equipment Checkout Questions
Where can I check-out a laptop or other multimedia equipment?
We currently have four locations which provide laptop and multimedia equipment checkout services:
  • City Union (laptop checkout) 472-9044
  • East Union 3rd floor East Union (laptop checkout)
  • Henzlik/Teachers College Room 142, Teachers College Hall (laptop & multimedia checkout) 472-5971
  • Adele Hall Learning Commons Commons Area, Love Library North (laptop checkout) 472-5048
How do I checkout a laptop or multimedia equipment?
Currently-enrolled UNL students only… Proceed to the laptop or multimedia checkout station, then:
  1. Provide two forms of photo ID (one MUST be a valid NCard)
  2. Sign and initial all paperwork
  3. Return all equipment by the due date and time to avoid significant late fees
How much does it cost?
 This is a free service provided to currently-enrolled UNL students who pay the Student Technology Fee. However, if the laptop is turned in late, late fees will apply. They are a strict $21 for every 24-hours the laptop or multimedia equipment is late.

What are the rules?
There are a variety of rules which apply when checking out a laptop computer.
  • Make sure you read the sign-out agreement form carefully before signing and initialing it
  • You are responsible for the full replacement value of any equipment that is stolen, damaged
    or lost while it is checked out to you.
  • You may not checkout equipment for other students, non-students or suspended users.
  • You must return the laptop by the due date and time stated on the receipt that you sign and initial.
    A strict $21 per day late fee applies for all equipment.
  • Laptops or multimedia equipment not returned in a timely manner as described in the sign-out agreement
    form will result in hefty late fees, a hold on your registration, notification of law enforcement authorities, etc.
What are those late fees, again?
 $21 for every 24-hours past the due date and time that the laptop or other multimedia equipment is not turned in.

How do I know when my laptop is due?
This can be found on your copy of the receipt, or you can check this page.

What if I have some sort of a technical problem?
Ask the on-duty lab consultant, or:
Call the checkout station, at:
  • City Campus Union: 472-9044
  • Henzlik/Teachers College: 472-5971
  • Adele Hall Learning Commons: 472-5048
  • Visit the Labs contact page
Where can I use the wireless networking capabilities on City Campus or East Campus?
Networking provides maps to all accessible wireless access points on both City Campus and East Campus.

What if I want to use a laptop in a location currently without wireless networking?
You will only need wireless networking if you plan on doing E-mail, Internet browsing or any other network-related activity. Most UNL buildings have wireless networking. Normal word processing does not require network connectivity. But let's say you are too far away to receive signals from a wireless access point. You can still plug an Ethernet cable into the laptop and any live dataport on the wall for wired networking. Here are the steps involved:
  1. First, turn off the laptop computer
  2. Connect the network cable between the network port on your computer and a live dataport on the wall
  3. Restart the computer

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Eric Haffey

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