Data backup (NSave)

Data backup (NSave)Data backup (NSave)

NSave is a data backup/restore service offered by Information Technology Services for a small monthly fee. The NSave software is installed on your desktop and the backup/restores are done over a network connection to an ITS server.

Data backup (NSave)



  • Unlimited data storage for up to 4 devices per account using MyUNL authentication
  • All file types are included
  • Quick and effortless backups - most backups can be completed with 5 minutes.
  • Offsite storage - if your building is damaged by a fire, flood, or other significant event, your critical data files are still protected.
  • Erased files can be restored up to 6 months later.
  • Multiple copies of your files - as you edit files, NSave is always ready to backup or restore your files at your convenience - anytime day or night.
  • Security - your files are automatically encrypted before being sent across the network to the backup server.
  • Low Cost - only $5 per month for unlimited storage space, up to 4 devices per account. (1$ per month additional for billing directly to a person versus a department)

Getting Started

Windows Manuals

Windows 32BIT manual

Windows 64BIT manual 


Mac installation manual

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Linux installation manual

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