Oomf portable chargers (PILOT)

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What is Oomf? Its a portable device charger that keeps your mobile device charged and ready to go.




Look for Oomf at a participating PowerHouse in City Campus Union, East Campus Union, Campus Rec centers, Henzlik Hall, Love Library Commons and the 501 Building Help Center.

  • Go to the Oomf.it (web app) to sign-in and activate your Oomf with the 4-letter code (on the back). If your phone is dead, a friend can activate it for you. 
  • Choose a cord & plug it in 
  • MFI certified Apple Lightning and micro-USB cords are built-in, so leave the bricks, cables and adapters at home where they belong. 
  • Oomf Portable Smart Charger: Built in USB and Apple Lightning connectors, charges any device with these ports. 
  • Return the Oomf to their original PowerHouse, the light turns blue when it’s correctly stacked on the PowerStation. 

Note: If not returned within 24h, a $5/day fee for 20 days will be charged—so we can replace and redistribute the device. (Reminders will be sent via email or text message.)

  • Oomf charges all micro-USB and Apple Lightning® smart devices.
  • Wherever you go, Oomf goes. Just return it to its native Powerhouse to avoid extra fees 
  • The Oomf chargers have their proverbial pedals to the metal, charging as fast as a wall outlet.
  • We don’t steal data—nothing but power flows through our cords.

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Casadi Johnson

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