Oomf FAQs

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What if I lose the Oomf charger?  The cost is $75.00 to replace the charging unit.  If the unit is eventually found and returned, Oomf will provide a partial credit.


How long is the pilot program?  The pilot program runs through the end of the Fall 2016 semester.


What is the charge to use the charger in the Spring 2017 semester? The cost is $5.00 per month and you can opt in and out at any time.  The subscription allows unlimited use of the chargers.  They are still required to be returned within 24 hours but you can check another one out immediately.


Where can I find one of these chargers?  They are currently in the Love Library Commons area, 501 Building Help Desk, Husketech store in the City Union, City Union Information Desk, Huskertech Laptop checkout station in the Union, Huskertech Henzlik hall area, ResNet office and East Campus Union Huskertech area.


Can I check out out in one location and return in another?  Yes, you are free to return at any charging location.


What if I am having issues with a charger or need to address a billing issue?  You would contact an Oomf representative at 617-528-0131 or email them at hello@theoomf.com or support@theoomf.com


How many times will this charge my phone?  You can generally charge your phone two full charges before they need to be returned to a base station