Scott Engineering Data Center

  • 3110 Square Feet
  • 17 Campus Core Networking Cabinets
  • 55 Server Cabinets - Housing Central IT and Departmental Systems
  • Scott Engineering is the Production Data Center for Campus Systems.
  • Over 120 Virtual Systems in Production
  • Over 475 Pieces of Physical Systems Hardware
  • Backup power provided by 400 Kilowatt Generator/160 KVA Powerware UPS System
  • Cabinet power configuration allows for two sources to each machine

o   Primary source is public power grid

o   Redundant source is public power backed up by UPS and Generator

  • Raised Floor System used  for forced air Cooling System
  • 45 tons of Cooling Supplied by Liebert CRAC Units
  • The heat produced by this Data Center is supplied to the building in the winter, allowing approximately $20,000 savings annually. (510,000 BTU/Hour)

Miller Hall Data Center

  • 475 Square Feet 
  • 3 Campus Core Networking Cabinets 
  • 13 Server Cabinets – Housing Central IT and Departmental Systems 
  • Miller Hall is used as the backup Data Center for Campus Systems 
  • Located on the University’s East Campus and is located 2.5 miles from Scott Data Center 
  • Backup power provided by 200 Kilowatt Generator/60 KVA UPS System 
  • Raised Floor System used for Forced air Cooling System 
  • 10 tons of Cooling Supplied by Liebert CRAC Units

Hardin Hall Data Center

  • 150 Square Feet 
  • 5 Server Cabinets – Housing Central IT Systems 
  • Hardin Hall Data Center houses backup servers for campus email 

About the Data Center

Information Technology Services' Networking and Operations Center combines some of the functions of the networking and systems groups into an extended-hour center to maintain the NUnet backbone and the central services provided to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Network and system monitoring and troubleshooting as well as central management of mail, listserv, webserver, and other administrative services provide the reliable service that UNL faculty, staff, and students have come to expect.

Operations personnel will post a message to the IS-Alert Listserv website when there is an outage (planned or unplanned) or reduced quality of operation on any of the most common services and systems within UNL. If you are experiencing Internet, network, or E-mail access trouble, please check the IS-Alert page for information on the service or system in question.

The Operations Center is located in Room 29, of the Walter Scott Engineering Center. It is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Operators may be reached by E-mail or telephone, at (402) 472-5653.