Labs FAQs

General Lab Questions

How can I get a job in the labs?

Fill out an application, found on the Labs Employment Page.

Who can I call, to find out if my application has been received?

We review all applications and E-mail those individuals who meet our requirements and can work the hours we have available. Please, Do Not Call regarding your application status. If you do not get an email from us, that means that your available hours to work do not match our current vacancies. We will keep your application on file for future reference.

How can I recommend improvements in the labs?

Please send an E-mail to the Lab Manager.

What should I do if I discover a hardware or software problem in an ITS computer lab?

If there is a lab consultant on duty, please report it directly to them. Otherwise, please visit the labs contact page, or call the Information Services Computer Help Center at 472-3970.

What do I do if a Lab printer I am using doesn't work properly?

Sometimes a Lab printer may need paper or toner replacement, or a software adjustment. If there is no consultant on duty, please visit the labs contact page and request this service. You can also contact the UNL Help Center. For Uniprint refund requests, please visit the Uniprint Web site.