Laptop Checkout FAQs

Laptop and Multimedia Equipment Checkout Questions

Where can I check-out a laptop or other multimedia equipment?
We currently have four locations which provide laptop and multimedia equipment checkout services:
  • City Union (laptop checkout) 472-1040
  • East Union 3rd floor East Union (laptop checkout)
  • Henzlik/Teachers College Room 142, Teachers College Hall (laptop & multimedia checkout) 472-5971
  • Adele Hall Learning Commons Commons Area, Love Library North (laptop checkout) 472-5048
How do I checkout a laptop or multimedia equipment?
Currently-enrolled UNL students only… Proceed to the laptop or multimedia checkout station, then:
  1. Provide two forms of photo ID (one MUST be a valid NCard)
  2. Sign and initial all paperwork
  3. Return all equipment by the due date and time to avoid significant late fees
How much does it cost?
 This is a free service provided to currently-enrolled UNL students who pay the Student Technology Fee. However, if the laptop is turned in late, late fees will apply. They are a strict $21 for every 24-hours the laptop or multimedia equipment is late.

What are the rules?
There are a variety of rules which apply when checking out a laptop computer.
  • Make sure you read the sign-out agreement form carefully before signing and initialing it
  • You are responsible for the full replacement value of any equipment that is stolen, damaged
    or lost while it is checked out to you.
  • You may not checkout equipment for other students, non-students or suspended users.
  • You must return the laptop by the due date and time stated on the receipt that you sign and initial.
    A strict $21 per day late fee applies for all equipment.
  • Laptops or multimedia equipment not returned in a timely manner as described in the sign-out agreement
    form will result in hefty late fees, a hold on your registration, notification of law enforcement authorities, etc.
What are those late fees, again?
 $21 for every 24-hours past the due date and time that the laptop or other multimedia equipment is not turned in.

How do I know when my laptop is due?
This can be found on your copy of the receipt, or you can check this page.

What if I have some sort of a technical problem?
Ask the on-duty lab consultant, or:
Call the checkout station, at:
  • City Campus Union: 472-1040
  • Henzlik/Teachers College: 472-5971
  • Adele Hall Learning Commons: 472-5048
  • Visit the Labs contact page
Where can I use the wireless networking capabilities on City Campus or East Campus?
Networking provides maps to all accessible wireless access points on both City Campus and East Campus.

What if I want to use a laptop in a location currently without wireless networking?
You will only need wireless networking if you plan on doing E-mail, Internet browsing or any other network-related activity. Most UNL buildings have wireless networking. Normal word processing does not require network connectivity. But let's say you are too far away to receive signals from a wireless access point. You can still plug an Ethernet cable into the laptop and any live dataport on the wall for wired networking. Here are the steps involved:
  1. First, turn off the laptop computer
  2. Connect the network cable between the network port on your computer and a live dataport on the wall
  3. Restart the computer