WiFi Quick Report

Phishing Notice

A phishing email with the subject line “Allied Electronics Invoice” spread to a number of users on campus.  The email has an attachment zip file that contains a trojan virus. If you receive this email, please delete it.  The email is also multiplying by using infected accounts as senders of the email.  If you have opened this email and clicked on the attachment, please contact your local IT support or the Computer Help Center

Use this quick form to report WiFi problems that you are experiencing. Provide some details about the problem connecting to UNL's wireless service, so the networking team can help resolve the problem.  Have you followed connection instructions? Click here to view
Please enter your NUID number
Date of problem
Time of problem
List the specific Campus Building--Common area or Room Number where connection problem occurred.
Device experiencing connection problems
Remember, do not share any password information. UNL will NEVER ask you for your password.
This is optional. If you can list your Media Access Control ( M.A.C )address, we are able to diagnose your issue more specifically. Learn how to find your MAC address via UNL Libraries Guide for connecting multiple devices