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2016 Service Awards

Congratulations to our 2016 Service Award Recipients!

    Our ITS Service Award recipients are showing their support for Women in IT as well as other under-represented people through our "Sit With Me" campaign. [READ MORE]

2016 ITS Service Award Recipients & Years of Service
Leonard Hector 40
Dave Spanel 30
Leona Barratt 30
Kent Eitzmann 25
Linda Holsclaw 20
Lisa Vogt 20
Martin McHenry 20
Matthew Foreman 20
Patrick Menard 20
Paul Erickson 20
Rhonda Ball 20
Richard Horner 20
Casadi Johnson 15
Fred Schoneweis 15
Sally Schwinck 15
Eric Haffey 10
Eric Carlson 10
Jim Liebgott 10
Jon Wilson 10
Noel Judd 10
Ricky Keim 10
Shawn Aguirre 10
Tracie Wolfe 10
Tracy M Grauer 10
Aaron Ball 5
Apoorva Pandya 5
John Ross 5
Keith Derickson 5
Seth Pelzer 5
Warren Werner 5