This section addresses best practices related to compliance, i.e., adherence to mandatory directives from sources such as the following:

  • laws and regulations (local, state, federal)
  • policies (university, department)
These best practices should cover how compliance is being executed and verified.

There are several UNL policies that may affect development work.

First, choose an approved platform for development (see the Standards>Preferred Choices section for discussion of these platforms). If what you see is not there, contact your director to begin the work to have it supported and included.

Second, all UNL web pages are required to use the UNL templates, a/k/a the UNLedu Web Framework. Using the codebase of the UNLedu Web Framework will give a developer single sign-on using UNL's official authentication system, a head start on device independence/mobile device support (the UNLedu Web Framework incorporates 'responsive design' technologies to display on any screen size), code validation and accessibility.

Third, there are a number of federal and state regulatory requirements and university policies that apply to development at UNL.

The first of these is the Americans with Disabilities Act, which ensures equivalent access for all audiences, including those with significant sensory disabilities. A companion federal regulation, Section 508, effectively mirrors the technical requirements for compliance with Section 508. Ensuring that all pages in your web application or site are compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level AA (WCAG2/AA) will ensure that the site or app meets or exceeds current federal ADA/Section 508 requirements. UNL currently verifies accessibility compliance using the WAVE online evaluator.

Other federal and state regulations govern how we manage specific kinds of data. The links below reference the official source of information on each of the listed Acts and its associated regulations. If you are working with controlled data in the health, scholarships and financial aid, or student records areas, or with personally identifiable information, please familiarize yourself with these regulations and with UNL's strategies for fulfilling its obligations under these regulations as well as broader higher education industry strategies in regulatory compliance. If there is something missing from this list that should be linked here, please suggest that it be added by using the response form at the bottom of this page.

federal regulations:
HIPAA | Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HEOA | Higher Education Opportunity Act
FERPA | Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

state regulations:
Data Stewardship>Personally Identifiable Information

university system policy:
Executive Memorandum 16

UNL policy:
UNL Web Template Terms of Use
UNL Computer Use Policies

references elsewhere in this document at:
Data Stewardship>Personally Identifiable Information