Considerations for new initiatives


  • Is there staffing, structure, and funding available for this project?
  • Are there people who have already done something similar, or parts of the same initiative?
  • Are there people thinking about doing something similar?
  • Are there existing systems, infrastructure, or processes that could be taken advantage of?


  • Can we re-use at least 20% of code in a project from existing projects?
  • Are there opportunities for fully managed virtual/cloud (internal or external) components that the initiative should be designed for?
  • Are there pieces of the initiative, especially innovation, that could be shared with others?
    • Other institutions have generally struggled with the same issues, we should engage with our community of peers as a standard practice.


  • repositories should be designed with sharing (and security) in mind
  • Can the initiative be designed to use data that already exists (and is managed)?
    • Which authoritative data sources are needed
  • Can it be designed so that data can be used by others?
  • Can/should someone help manage the entire lifecycle of data from creation to disposal?

Strategy & Standards

  • What will add value?
  • Are there ways to better align with the stated direction of UNL?
  • Are there existing standards that could give the initiative:
    • more functionality?
    • easier support?
    • more reusability?
    • more scalability?
    • less cost?