Deprecated Technologies

Discontinue the use of deprecated technologies in a timely, methodical manner.
Deprecated technologies are technologies which have been replaced by newer technologies. Features typically get marked as "deprecated", rather than simply removed, in order to provide backward compatibility for software users. When other programs depend on the deprecated feature, their programmers need time to change their code to avoid the feature.
Maintain a local Deprecated Technologies list.
Information solutions involve a multitude of technology choices. Which technologies are deprecated can be subjective and maintaining a list of deprecated technologies gives developers and purchacing agents guidance.
UNL's Deprecated Technologies
Below are only some of the technologies that are being phased out from UNL ITS managed systems because they are considered deprecated and should no longer be utilized. This list is only a small group of deprecated technologies, but the most commonly used and frequently asked about their use. UNL Information Technology Services has replaced these technologies with newer solutions.
  • Windows < version 7
  • Mac OS < version 10.7
  • Flash*
  • Silverlight
  • 'Classic' ASP
  • ColdFusion
  • NTLMv1 Protocol
  • Plain-Text authentication
  • Non-SSO user authentication
  • 802.11b

*Adobe and others have provided tools for Flash-to-HTML5 conversion. Free tools such as Swiffy, from Google, are also available: