Network Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting networks generally starts at the endpoint, and moves on from there.  Many times the issue is not a "network" issue, but more of an application issue, computer issue, or cabling issue.  Many users believe their issue is related to the "network".  However, network issues are wide spread across an institution.  Many times, the issue can be diagnosed by following some best practices and general day to day procedures.

Best Practice:  Keep OS and other software up-to-date with patches.
Keeping your endpoint's software up to date will help when utilizing the network connection.

Best Practice:  Run antivirus software and firewall on devices if applicable.
Utilizing simple security measures on your endpoint device will keep network access to an optimal level.

Best Practice:  Start diagnosing at the endpoint for issues - reboot the device and try a new Ethernet cable before opening a trouble ticket.
Many times, rebooting the device will stop the service or application that might be blocking network access.  In addition, cables can be damaged if they are in a high foot traffic area; or maybe the cable has come loose from the jack in the wall or the computer's Ethernet port.  Try the simple things first prior to opening a trouble ticket for support.

Best Practice:  When opening a trouble ticket, be precise in the description of what is or is not occurring.
When opening a ticket, the better description of the issue, the faster the resolution.  For example, if a network card is not showing a link light illuminated, means the card isn't getting a network signal, not that the Internet is down.  If you are unable to get to a specific Internet site, try going to another site.  It would be the difference between the entire network being down or just a specific site.  Include what things you have done to troubleshoot your issue in the ticket.

At UNL, keep this point in mind when reporting an issue:

  • Data and Voice trouble tickets need to be channeled through the Help Center.  Help Center associates can repair many issues.  Only a reassigned ticket from the help desk or Centrex will be worked on by networking.