Preferred Technologies

Maintain a local Preferred Technologies list.
Use of common technologies creates synergy for development groups and reduces support complexity and cost. A technology choice can be subjective and maintaining a list of preferred technologies gives developers and purchasing agents guidance.
UNL's Preferred Technologies
Following are the ITS preferred choices for the UNL environment.  In general, use the latest version possible.
  • Operating systems
  • Browsers
    • As we move forward and browsers become more compliant to the standards promulgated by the W3C, we should move toward support for "all modern, standards-compliant browsers." In the interim, ITS maintains a 'supported browsers' page.
  • Code platforms
    • J2EE (Enterprise systems)
    • PHP (Enterprise systems, web interfaces)
    • .NET (business service applications)
  • Database platforms
    • MySQL
    • MS SQL Server
  • Web server platforms
    • Apache
    • IIS
  • Combined platforms
    • LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
    • WINS - Windows, IIS, .Net, SQL Server
  • Development tools
    • Eclipse
    • Visual Studio
    • PhpStorm
  • Extensions/frameworks
    • PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository)
    • jQuery
    • Zend
  • Versioning environment
    • (Private or Internal projects)
    • (Community Source/Open Source projects)
  • Authentication methods
    • Single Sign On
      • CAS (UNL login)
      • Shibboleth
  • Web page formats
    • HTML5
    • CSS 3.0
    • web framework 5.0