Project Selection

BEST PRACTICE:   Maintain project requests in a single database as requests become known or are submitted

Having all project requests in a single tool allows for visibility across teams and aids in project selection by ensuring the necessary interlocks across teams take place which improves the accuracy of the sizing estimates, and aids in determining a realistic project start date.  Additionally, it provides visibility to project backlog to aid in release planning and resourcing needs.   

BEST PRACTICECreate a project data sheet (PDS) for each project request

The PDS is a means for submitting project requests.  It provides a high level overview of the background, purpose of the project, high level requirements, scope and other information needed to complete the initial sizing of the work involved.  In addition, the document can act as the initial overview for the project manager when the project is not stated immediately or if the project manager was not involved in the initial submission and discussions about the project.