Services Onboarding

To ensure that any new service is a good fit for an institution's support portfolio, in line with their needs and future direction, adding a new service must be a transparent and repeatable process.
Breaking the process out into phases; conceptualization, rationalization, developing procurement/development requirements, then steps for a testing and production phase. A good way to start is to approach each of the major service areas and identify common pain points that aren't typically addressed before a project is "dropped in their lap" and incorporate those questions into the process at an early enough stage that they can shape the project. Answers to the questions should be recorded (and updated) to inform the rest of the process.

UNL Guidelines
UNL has developed a guide for onboarding new services that can serve as an example:
Items identified in the guide should be incorporated into internal processes like project management, firewall requests, server requests, application development, etc.