Solution Life Cycle (SLC)

The Solution Life Cycle (SLC) provides a general framework for delivering information solutions to satisfy business needs.  It is not dependent upon nor specific to any particular technology (hardware and/or software) or any particular realization method (acquisition and/or custom development).  SLC provides a means to address the full life cycle of an information solution, from inception through maturation to its eventual disposal.  It provides a common context across all solutions; however, SLC does not attempt to provide fine details since those are necessarily specific to only a given solution.            

The Solution Life Cycle can be divided up in many ways.  For our purposes we have chosen to divide it into the following stages:

For more description of a particular stage, click on its associated link in the above list.

The following diagram shows the relationships between the SLC stages:


Solution Life Cycle

Please note as depicted in the diagram, the Solution Life Cycle allows for a given solution to go through an unlimited number of iterations as it matures.