Source Code Management

Managing source code does not typically address the issues of project and and team mangement, although they can be tightly related. Source Code Management as described on this page primarily involves tracking the modifications to code. Tracking modifications assists development and colloaboration by providing a running history of development and helping to resolve conflicts when merging contributions from multiple sources. Software tools for source code management are sometimes referred to as "Source Code Management Systems" (SCMS), "Version Control Systems" (VCS), "Revision Control Systems" (RCS) or simply "code repositories" depending on what features they provide or how they are being used. A "repository" typically refers to one source code development project within a system.

Approved source code management systems should include the following features:

  • Authenticated access for commits
  • Revision history on files
  • Atomic commits of multiple files
  • Versioning/Tagging

Software developed by Information Technology Services will be maintained in a source code management system.

Code generated by automated processes (like compilation) and libraries which are external to a project are not required to be in a repository.

Information Technology Services provides the following source code management systems:

For more information see Change Management -> Version Management