User Interface (UI)

The User Interface (UI) is the presentational interface of the application.

At UNL, UI begins with a curated and controlled approach to brands and marks; that foundational information is found in the UNL Design Toolbox.

Within, websites are required to be rendered in the templates and associated programming elements under continuous development by University Communications Internet and Interactive Media and partners in the UNL Web Developer Network community as the UNLedu Web Framework.

Within the framework, a set of presentational elements is available for use in web application interfaces. In addition, the UNLedu Web Framework provides integrated single sign-on, search, accessibility features, and other functionality. Accessibility features within the framework include ARIA Landmarks, fieldset legends and other important elements for blind and low-vision users.

Best Practice: Begin with UNLedu Web Framework in developing UI, share any UI enhancements back to the UNLedu Web Framework project.