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Monday, January 22

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Join us October 18-19 at the Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC) for an engaging conference on Leadership, Diversity and Women in IT.

We are looking for presentations on how change is made in our organizations, companies and campuses. We want to hear about programs that encourage inclusiveness and continued education in improving diversity, growing future leaders and adding more women in IT.  

It is time to show the change we are making and encourage others with ideas and opportunities. Program proposals for "Women Advance I.T., Women Advancing the Future of Information Technology in Higher Education" are currently being accepted through March 31, 2017.

Use the form below to submit your session proposal . If you have questions about the submittal process, contact us here

If not affiliated with the University of Nebraska, please list the organization you are with.
For program construction, please identify all presenters and their campuses who will contribute to the delivery of this presentation (including yourself if you are planning to be a presenter).
Include an abstract of no more than 200 words. If your proposal is accepted, this abstract will serve as the basis for information about your presentation and will appear on the Symposium website and in the printed program. Please be concise, accurate, and specific with your writing. Avoid superfluous or overly descriptive prose. Use the abstract to state clearly what you will present during your session. Be sure to include the following: statement of the issue, brief description of the activity/project/solution, and description of the outcome.
Please extract and describe the overarching principles or lessons learned that attendees can focus on during your presentation so that they can better understand the importance and relevance of your findings to their situation.
Who should attend this presentation?
All sessions will be provided a computer, projector, table, and electrical outlet. Projectors will have VGA cables to allow presenters to connect projectors to their own computers. Please specify any additional needs for your presentation. Not all requests may be accommodated.