Access to Client Management Tools


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University of Nebraska–Lincoln Information Technology Services (UNL ITS) will provide reliable and secure Client Management Tools (CMT) for Campus IT technicians supporting desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Technicians will follow all policies and guidelines for the acceptable use of a CMT to ensure that University technology assets are managed effectively and efficiently, without compromising the confidentiality of client data.

To obtain access to a University Client Management Tool you must read and agree to the terms listed below. UNL ITS will contact each department annually to review CMT access.

Governing Polices

Technicians shall adhere to any policy set forth by the University in regards to computers and electronic information systems. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

If policy in this document at any time conflicts with University policy, policy as set forth by the University shall supersede policy as outlined in this document.


  • Client Management Tools may only be installed on University of Nebraska–Lincoln property.
  • Faculty must complete an Opt-In form before a CMT agent may be installed on their UNL-issued device. The Faculty Senate has agreed that the CMT rollout will proceed with the opt-in process and the polices listed on the Policies governing Client Management Tool use page.
  • Personal data may not be viewed or removed from a device without the consent of the client.
  • All installers, configurations, scripts, etc… that are uploaded to a CMT must be named with a Site or Collection prefix such as: CBA, CFPA, or ITS. Examples: “ITS Microsoft Office 2016” or “CFPA Final Cut Pro”.
  • Technicians may have access to installers, configurations, scripts, etc… that belong to other Sites or Collections. Under no circumstances may a technician alter or delete files without the prior permission of the owner.
  • Distribution of software without a properly obtained license is strictly prohibited.
  • Technicians may only use University of Nebraska–Lincoln Mac Developer Installer Certificates for University PKGs.
  • Technicians may not upload scripts or other materials that contain sensitive data such as usernames and passwords. This information should be called out as a variable when the script is executed.
  • All actions by technicians on the CMT are logged, audited, and inspected.

Technician Responsibilities

  • Understand the impact of access privileges and their potential effect on client machines. CMT technicians should only have access to tools they need to complete their work. If standard privilege sets do not meet these requirements, contact a CMT Administrator to configure appropriate access privileges.
  • CMT technicians must test all installers and scripts before uploading them to a CMT. A misconfigured installer or script could result in widespread data loss and downtime.
  • Inform CMT Administrators whenever CMT access needs to be changed. Site or Collection access will not be added or removed until a technician with Admin privileges, or other designated official, notifies a CMT Administrator of the change. Technicians will be added on an individual basis after completing this web form. Technicians will not have the ability to modify CMT access.