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Digital Sign Content and Box Migration

2021-03-18 to 2021-12-31

For those at UNL still using Box for their digital sign content, you may be hearing about plans to migrate your personal and department data to OneDrive and Sharepoint. Those new platforms work great for general file storage and collaboration. But they will not work for digital sign content as they do not have a Direct Link feature like Box does. We’re in the process of migrating digital sign content to FWI Cloud, but due to current license constraints we don’t have the capacity to move all remaining digital sign content from Box to FWI Cloud right now. We’ll have additional capacity coming later this summer.

However, even if your personal and department Box folders are migrated before that, as long as your digital sign content resides within the ITS Digital Sign folder within Box, your digital sign content will not be impacted. This folder will not be migrating to OneDrive/Sharepoint so you’ll continue to use Box for your digital sign content even after your personal/department data is moved to OneDrive/Sharepoint. As time and license capacity allows, I’ll be reaching out on a department-by-department basis to get you setup in FWI Cloud, at which point you’ll use that for managing sign content.

If you look at the folder where your digital sign content currently resides in Box, and you look in the upper right corner and see that the Owner is then you’re all set. Your personal/department migration from Box to OneDrive/Sharepoint WILL NOT impact your digital sign content, and you can await direct communication from me when it’s time to get you setup with FWI Cloud. If you see a different Owner of that folder, such as your own account or your department’s Box account, please reach out to me directly so we can make plans to ensure your digital sign content is not moved with the rest of your data.

Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions. Thanks!

Nate Morris
Services Lead | University of Nebraska ITS