UNL Faculty, Graduate Students, DepartmentsQuizzes, Exams, Course Evaluations, Projects, Class Research Assessment (Testing/Questionnaires), Class Questionnaires, Processing Other Programs, Roster Scans, Pre/Post Testing for No Grade

$0.11 Answer sheet, including processing ($55.00/ream of 500)

Non-UNL Faculty or Agencies

$0.1575 Answer sheet ($78.75/ream of 500)
$0.2625 Answer sheet, processing with PDF and/or Excel file sent electronically
$3.68 Paper printout
$3.68 Resend of back-semester data, including evaluations (PDF and/or Excel)
$18.90 Hourly fee for customized programming
$18.90 Flat fee fee for punching answer keys (per key)
Note $5.25 processing minimum
Note UPS or US Post Office charge for mailing will be added, including tax unless tax exempt
Note Check or cash payments incur an additional 7.25% charge for tax

Electronic Check, Re-Presentment Policy

In the event that your check is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds, we may re-present your check electronically. In the ordinary course of business your check will not be provided to you with your bank statement.


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