Account activation

You will activate your Office 365 account with your My.UNL username and password. If you need help with your MyUNL credentials, visit

IMPORTANT: If you have both an and email account, your email accounts will be merged together while you are a UNL employee. All of your emails, folders, and attachments will be combined into the same mailbox as your account. You will still be able to receive email, but all messages you send will come from your address.

Both of your and email contents will be subject to the university’s employee offboarding policy. This means that once you are no longer a UNL employee, all of the email content will be deleted. You will be able to maintain the email account beyond your UNL employment. It will be available seven days after your last date of employment and you’ll start over with an empty account.

If you do not want these email accounts combined, contact the Huskertech Help Center at 402-472-3970 before activating your Office 365 account and ask for a specialist to help you with archiving or closing your account

Consult with your department's tech support for assistance first

Activate My Office 365 Account

  1. Login using your MyUNL credentials.
  2. A webpage will display your identity and account information.
  3. You may choose a preferred email address (alias) at this time. It's common to use your (e.g.

Account Requests


Instructions for accessing a shared auxiliary (organization account), room or equipment reservation account


Contact the Computer Help Center