Skype for Business

With Skype for Business, you can start collaborating without having to schedule a meeting. You can start an impromptu meeting, share a PowerPoint presentation, collaborate on a whiteboard, or share your screen from within an IM conversation.

Share your desktop or a program

  1. Double-click a contact’s name to start an IM session.
  2. Click the Present button (computer monitor icon), and choose an action. Not currently available on Mac.
    Click Present Desktop to show the entire contents of your desktop, or click Present Programs and double-click the program you want to share. Click Present PowerPoint Files and navigate to the presentation. The program window will have a yellow border and a Now Presenting tab on your desktop.
  3. To stop sharing, click Stop Presenting on the bar at the top of your screen, or at the top of the conversation window.

Start a Conversation with Several People at Once

Add other people to a current conversation by dragging their contact listing into the conversation window.

To begin a new conversation with multiple people, click the first person, and then Ctrl-click the listing for each additional person.
Right-click the selection of contacts or a contact group and select Send an IM or Start a video call.

Send a file

(Windows only)

Transfer a file window

  1. Double-click a contact’s name to open an IM conversation.
  2. Drag the file from your computer onto the conversation window, or use the Choose File to Send button (paperclip) and select the file to send. Skype for Business or 

Give control to others

Allow others to flip through slides, contribute information, and make changes to a whiteboard or OneNote, PowerPoint or other kind of file, or demonstrate a program with just a couple of clicks. Take back control at any time.

  1. Click Give Control.
  2. Pick a particular person or click Give Control Automatically to automatically give access to anyone who asks for control of your desktop. 

…and, take back control

  1. Click Give Control again. 
  2. If Give Control Automatically is selected, click it to clear it. Or to take back control from a person, click Take Back Control.