Supported Applications

Supported Applications for Modern Authentication of Email Including Two-Factor (Duo)

Microsoft supports the use of the following applications for full functionality of your email on a mobile device. We can not guarantee the functionality of any other applications other than what are listed below.

  • Outlook for iOS and Android
  • Apple Mail for iOS 11.3.1 or later and iPadOS
  • Resources and Questions

    Here are some helpful resources for setting up your email on your devices:

    Common Questions

    Q: Why do I see my account listed as “" when logging into my email when my email is ""?

    A: This is the account you are using to access your email address. Think of it as username at domain for logging in. Microsoft requires a domain be present on the account name for login, much like you login to other services with your username, this time you are just affixing a domain at the end of it. Box functions in a similar way.

    Q: Are there other settings I might be missing?

    A: Your mobile device may or may not automatically connect to your mail account. Check these settings on your device.

    Login information:
    • The username is your My.UNL username with added to the end, as in
    • The password is your My.UNL password 

    Incoming IMAP Settings:

    • Server name:
    •  Port: 993
    • Encryption method: SSL

    Outgoing SMTP Settings:

    • Server name:
    • Port: 587
    • Encryption method: TLS

    If you need more help than the resources provided, contact the Huskertech Help Center at 402-472-3970 or