Purging Deleted Mail



In order to keep your e-mail environment clean (so as not to exceed to the limits provided by Office 365 and achieve the best performance), there are a few steps necessary to erase all e-mail after deleting items you no longer need.  Use the following steps to keep my e-mail clean (this example is using a Windows computer with Office 2010 - other computers and versions of Office may require slightly different steps).
·         Completing all of the following steps will prevent you from being able to recover any deleted items that you want to get back.

·         The last step in this process can take up to 30 minutes depending upon the number of items that have been deleted in the past few months.
1.       Start by deleting the mail from your “inbox”, “Sent Items”, “Junk E-Mail” and other folders that you no longer need.  Doing this will simply move these items into the “Deleted Items” folder.

2.       To empty the Deleted Items folder, simply right-click on the “Deleted Items folder” and select “Empty Folder”.

3.       Most people think that is the end of it, but there is one additional step.  Select the “Folder” tab at the top of the screen, and then click on “Recover Deleted Items” along the top of the window.  That will bring up the following screen:
purging graphic
To erase all of the items:
A.      Simply click on the small icon in the upper left corner of the window (highlighted it with red box in the illustration above) and wait a few seconds for the entire list to highlight (this is a “select all” function).

B.      Click on the “X” to delete the items.  Note that it can take up to 30 minutes for this step to complete depending upon the number of items being deleted.
When completed, click on the “Home” tab to return to the normal e-mail handling screen.


Webmail instructions

  • 1. Select "Deleted items" folder from left column
  • 2. Click on "Empty" button from center toolset
  • (see illustration below)
  • 3. Right-click the Deleted Items folder and click Recover Deleted Items.
    4. Select the deleted message(s) to purge.
  • 5. Click Purge Selected Items. Click OK.

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owa purge