Email retention/recovery

The Retention Policy took effect January 21, 2014.

All University of Nebraska campuses are conforming to the following policy:

  • Email messages in the Deleted Items folder longer than seven (7) days will be automatically deleted (moved to Recoverable Items folder).
  • Email messages in the Junk Email folder longer than fourteen (14) days will be automatically deleted (moved to Recoverable Items folder)
  • Email messages in the Recoverable Items folder will be retrievable for an additional (4) four days using the Recover Deleted Items feature, then purged.
  • Once the messages are purged (11 days Deleted Items and 18 days for Junk Email) they are not recoverable by UNL email administrators or by Microsoft. 

These changes align with email retention rules with University of Nebraska data retention policies.

How to retrieve deleted email
  1. From the Deleted Items folder, drag and drop the message(s) into your preferred folder in the Navigation Pane.
To retrieve email items that have been deleted “permanently"
  1. Right click on the Deleted Items folder and click Recover Deleted Items
  2. Select the wanted messages and click the recover button at the top of the window.  Recovered items will appear in the Deleted Items folder.