Set up your audio device

First things first: set up your audio device and check the quality. You can use your computer’s mic and speakers or plug in a headset. You can select different devices for microphone and speakers under each section. But to avoid echoing, it's better to use the same device for both. If you have to use separate devices, minimize echoing by lowering your speaker's volume.

  1. Windows:  Click Select Your Primary Device in the lower-left corner of the main Skype for Business window, and then click Audio Device Settings.
    Mac:  From the Skype for Business menu, click Preferences... and then click the Audio/Video tab.
  2. Pick your device. In Windows, you have optional setting to adjust if needed. 

Set up your video device

You need a camera to share video of yourself, but you don’t need one to see someone else’s video.

  1. Windows:  From the main screen, click Options (gear icon), and then click on Video Device from the list on the left. 
    Mac:  Go to the Skype for Business menu and click Preferences... and then click the Audio/Video at the top.
  2. If you see you, you’re set!  

Start a Call

  1. Click a contact’s picture to expand the menu, and then click either the phone handset icon for a Skype audio call or the video camera icon for a Skype video call. 
    A pop-up alert appears on your contact’s screen, which they can use to accept or ignore your request.
  2. At any time, you can end the call, close the window, or click the hang up button.

TIP During an IM or Skype for Business audio call, click the Video button to make it a video call.

Answer a Call

When someone calls you, an alert pops up on your screen.Answer video call on Windows

  • To answer, click anywhere on the picture area of the pop-up notification. 
  • To reject the call, click Ignore
  • To start an instant messaging (IM) conversation with the caller instead of an audio call, click Options, and then Reply by IM.
  • To reject the call and other calls, until you change your status, click Options
    and then Set to Do not Disturb.
Use audio call controls

During a call, point to the buttons to do the following:

  • To put the call on hold, click the Hold button.
  • To mute your audio, click the Mic button in the conversation window. 
Manage video meeting participants
  1. Click the Participants button to open the Participants pane so you can see a list of everyone in the meeting. 
  2. Click the Participant Actions button.
  3. Click one or multiple buttons to apply these settings to all attendees.
    • MuteUnmute, or Remove to mute, unmute, or remove that person from the call.
    • Lock the Video Spotlight to turn off video/photo of everyone other than the person who is talking.
    • To see videos or photos in a separate window, click Pop out the video gallery, and then click Full Screen View, for a large view of the videos or photos, and then Pop in people region to go back to normal view.
Use video controls and view

In the conversation window, choose a view by clicking Pick a Layout and then click…

    • Gallery View shows all of the participants’ videos (if you have more than two people).
    • Speaker View shows the presenter’s video/photo at the lower-right, plus meeting content.
    • Content View shows only the meeting content.
    • Compact view shows the tiles of the participants’ photos in a compact window.