@huskers.unl.edu email for all students

@huskers.unl.edu accounts are the primary email for all university communications to enrolled students. This email account ensure that students never miss important university communications and it will be connected to MyRED and Canvas accounts. Additionally, students will use it to access university library services and software — like Adobe Creative Cloud, Matlab, Office 365 and more.

Current Students

To access your @huskers.unl.edu email, simply log in to mymail.unl.edu with your My.UNL username and password. If you aren't sure what your @huskers.unl.edu email address is, you'll find it listed under the Profile tab in MyRed or MyNCTA.

It's important to check your @huskers.unl.edu email frequently — we recommend daily — so you don't miss any time-critical messages from the university, especially from the offices of Scholarships and Financial Aid, University Registrar, Admissions, and Student Accounts. Instructors will communicate with you primarily through Canvas, but may use this email, as well.

Current Employees

Current employees who are also current students have a single mailbox that receives mail both from @huskers.unl.edu and @unl.edu. People receiving email from you will receive it from the @unl.edu address.


Here are some helpful resources for setting up your new @huskers.unl.edu email on your devices:

Common Questions

Q: Why do I see my account listed as “username”@unl.edu when logging into my email?

A: This is the account you are using to access your @huskers.unl.edu email address. Think of it as username at domain for logging in. Microsoft requires a domain be present on the account name for login, much like you login to other services with your username, this time you are just affixing a domain at the end of it. Box functions in a similar way.

Q: Why don't I receive emails sent to “username”@unl.edu from non UNL senders?

A: For internal UNL systems, they are sending to your “username” and since they are in the same domain the email will route properly. Outside of the University domain, the only address that will route is your @huskers.unl.edu address.

If you need more help than the resources provided, contact the Huskertech Help Center at 402-472-3970 or support@nebraska.edu.


The university has a campus-wide email for many reasons, but most importantly for students, this means:

  • Important Messages. The university-issued email is the single source for official university communication and the only one connected to MyRED and Canvas.
  • Secure email. Students receive more detailed and helpful messages about their accounts, like bills, financial aid, and grades, instead of being redirected to MyRED.
  • Easier Campus-wide communications. This keeps everyone more informed and safer during emergency situations.
  • Improved Access to Technology for Students. Easier to use university library services and software, including Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, Matlab, Office WebApps, Office 365, and Westlaw.