ilos is now VidGrid

2018-08-17 to 2018-09-28

ilos, the video capture service, has changed its name to VidGrid. In an official statement on August 14, ilos announced that they would be changing their name and rebranding all elements of their web based video recording and management suite.

The University of Nebraska has decided for the sake of clarity to simply call the service Academic Video. UNL’s version will be know as UNL Academic Video. To find out more about how to access UNL Academic Video visit:

VidGrid CEO Nick Stokman explained that they wanted the name of the service to reflect a bi-directional exchange of information as opposed to a one-way, outbound video process-the way traditional video capture services have been categorized.

     “Video is intended to convey information, and the exchange of information is always two-directional. It is a fluid interaction with questions, suggestions, feedback, and expressions. We believe the most effective video technology helps to facilitate a conversation, not simply a lecture. VidGrid is Video’s Most Interactive Platform. It is the first two-way video platform, where we not only support the video maker to create a video, but we also enable the end user to interact, respond, and contribute.”

Along with the name change a stronger emphasis is being made on interactivity in the VidGrid video system. More information about these new features may be found at,

Please contact the ITS Collaboration team with questions or comments,