E-wireless FAQs

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Where is encrypted wireless available on campus?

UNL-AIR-E (encrypted) is available everywhere on campus.  It mirrors the same coverage area as UNL-AIR.


Will I have to login everytime to be connected to the encrypted wireless network?

No.  Once you have followed the migration instructions, your computer will automatically be granted access.


What devices can I use on the encrypted wireless network?

Currently, only laptops using the following operating systems can access the encrypted wireless:


Are there plans to enable users to access the encrypted network with a iPad or other mobile devices?

Yes, it is our intention to enable other devices to UNL-AIR-E in the near future.  Currently, mobile devices run on UNL-AIR.


Will encrypted wireless (UNL-AIR-E) replace normal wireless (UNL-AIR) ?

No, both encrypted and unencrypted wireless will be available on campus.  As new students and staff join UNL for the first time, they will automatically be registered for the encrypted network.


Will wireless replace the wired network?

No. The wireless network is being provided in addition to the wired network.


Can I use UNL-AIR-E from off campus?

UNL-AIR-E coverage only extends to the UNL campus. For an encrypted signal when accessing UNL assets from off-campus, use our Virtual Private Network (VPN)