Network Connection Request Form

All fields that are required must be filled in. Your request will not be processed unless they are filled in. Please see the Explanation of Terms page for help with filling out the fields.

If you have any problems with this form please contact the Operations Center at 472-5653.

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User Information
This must be filled in with the contact information for the person who is actually using the computer being registered.
Campus *
Please select the campus this device will be registered at.
If the requested name is a derivative of your name, or is prefixed with a departmental abbreviation (for example, chem-printer4), the requested name will be available within 3 hours. Other requests will be reviewed within one business day. If you have an urgent request, contact the UNL Operations Center at 402-472-5653 after submitting this form and brief them on the situation.
Technical Contact Information
This must be filled in with the contact information for your department's technical contact.
System Location
Please make sure you have entered the BUILDING name and not a center or department.
System Information
This number must be 12 digits. Use only hexadecimal characters (0-9, a-f) and do NOT use any dashes “-” or colons “:” in the number.
Is This A Replacement Network Card?
Use the Notes field below to explain anything unusual about your request. You may also use it to specify additional IP requests, just enter the additional ethernet numbers and any other pertinent information below.