What is SafeConnect?

SafeConnect is used exclusively in the Resident Hall Network as a security compliance tool. It allows UNL to identify and grant network access to all authorized users. Controlling network access, maintaining currently-patched operating systems and anti-virus software on every computer is part of a comprehensive security model to limit the risk of exploit to user computers and data while connected to UNL's high-speed network.

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Why SafeConnect?

  • SafeConnect is part of an effort to keep your computers as free as possible from viruses, spyware, and operating system security holes.
  • Computers protected in this way generally perform much better and require much less downtime due to damage caused by malicious software.
  • SafeConnect ensures that the average user has the fastest possible browsing experience while connected to the UNL network. It does this by ensuring that communication from malicious software does not flood the University's internet connection, resulting in much slower connections for legitimate users or by restricting certain applications that would otherwise consume an unfairly large share of bandwidth, again resulting in a slower connection for the majority of users.
  • SafeConnect is used at UNL, along with the University of Nebraska-Kearney and many other universities, as an effective tool to identify authorized network users, thus preventing rogue devices from accessing the network shared by our students.
  • SafeConnect ensures that all operating systems are properly updated and antivirus is installed on each computer before accessing UNL's network.
  • SafeConnect recognizes and allows most legitimate antivirus software programs and continually updates available programs.
  • SafeConnect is a fully-supported vendor application, allowing UNL to focus efforts around using the tool effectively and improving security for all rather than simply writing and supporting a custom tool.

Who must use SafeConnect?

SafeConnect must be used by all persons accessing the UNL network within the residence halls. This includes both wired and wireless network connectivity.


Security for Users and the UNL network

  • UNL's network receives eight cyberattacks every second-sustaining over 770,000 of cyberattacks in a single day.
  • In the time it takes to update a user's operating software, UNL's network will receive 7,000 additional attacks.
  • In many cases, these attacks are successful without the user's knowledge.  SafeConnect is a way to ensure that a computer is reasonably well-protected before it becomes part of the production network.



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