Apple DEP Assignment Request

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Apple DEP Assignment Request

If you have any questions, please contact Quentin Harouff or John Ross.

Technical Contact

Please provide your contact information so we may notify you when your request has been processed.

Select “Assign” if you need to assign a newly purchased device to your site. Select “Reassign” to move an already-assigned device from one site to another. Select “Unassign” to remove a device from a site. Select “Disown” to permanently remove a device from management, for example if a device is being surplussed to the public or returned to Apple at the end of a lease.
Endpoint Information
Enter endpoint serial numbers (ABCD1234567, EFGHI8901234) or Connection order numbers (not the eShop PO number).
Optional. Specify an already-configured PreStage Enrollment in the Destination Site in Jamf Pro to which these endpoints should be assigned.
By checking this box, you are confirming that you wish to disown these devices from DEP management. Once a device has been Disowned it can never be re-enrolled into DEP for management. This action cannot be undone.
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By checking this box, you as the requestor agree that you are authorized to re-allocate University Technology Assets and that all information provided is correct to the best of your knowledge.
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