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Endpoint Management Support Request

Use this form to submit a new support case or request a service change for devices managed by Endpoint Management.

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Request Information
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Provide specific versions of operating system, related software, drivers, etc. If relevant, provide detailed information on hardware configuration, added hardware, network configuration, and any other related configuration details.
Please provide a detailed description or list of endpoints to be targeted for this change request. List of serial numbers should be comma separated.
Provide a summary of relevant troubleshooting performed and the results.
Please provide any additional information that may be relevant to this request.

EM Services preloads drivers into SCCM for all university approved device standards. Several modern and common devices from major manufacturers have also been preloaded. For all other devices, please provide the following information for review by the EM Services team.

Computer Standards: https://unl.box.com/s/uhqr2cuytieqyw32rpx58iljetgi0q2h

Supported Models: https://nu-its.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CS/pages/1026293779/Drivers+-+Supported+Models

Provide the Make and Model of the computer(s) being imaged.
Please provide the quantity of computers matching this make and model that you are imaging (if known). This helps us determine support levels for deployed endpoints.
Has imaging been attempted already? If it has and you have received an error code / message, please note the error code in this area. You can also upload an image of the error code / message at the bottom of this form.
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