UNL Blackboard Managed Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions


MyUNL Blackboard provides global web-based management and delivery of course content for all classes. University of Nebraska–Lincoln will transition to Canvas from Blackboard for all LMS activity by Summer, 2018. Blackboard access will end May 15, 2018. Data will not be retrievable after May 15, 2018.

UNL Blackboard Managed Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions

What is managed hosting?


UNL’s Blackboard system will be undergoing a significant behind-the-scenes change in the very near future. In the past our Blackboard system has lived on UNL servers; starting in late August 2015, we will be using the Blackboard Managed Hosting service to house our system. All data will remain in the United States at Blackboard’s datacenters in Virginia. Blackboard’s managed hosting services are FERPA compliant.


What are the benefits of managed hosting?


Blackboard offers extensive resources that help stabilize the system and allow local IT staff to focus on enhancing other services for the UNL community. This change will yield many positive results for student and faculty users, as well as the campus at large. Some of these benefits are described below:


  • Dedicated infrastructure means approximately 99.9% “up time” for users
  • Stringent security measures for data and information
  • 24/7/365 support from a dedicated team of expert technical staff
  • Ability to customize and enhance our application environment


How much time will this transfer take, and when?


We will begin the process on Saturday, Aug. 15 at 8:00 a.m.   and we expect the transfer to be fully completed by Monday, Aug. 17 at 8:00 a.m. During this upgrade, the Blackboard system will be offline. However, we anticipate very little “down time” thereafter.


How will these changes affect instructors?


Overall changes to the user experience will be minimal, and course management for instructors will remain the same. As a general best practice, all instructors are encouraged to archive and/or export their courses to an external computer ahead of the system down time. More information about archiving and exporting courses can be found here.


How will these changes affect students?


As users will not have access to Blackboard beginning at Saturday, Aug. 15 at 8:00 a.m. through Monday, Aug. 17 at 8:00 a.m, students will not be able to view course documents or syllabi. Though this will require a bit of flexibility from all campus stakeholders, students and faculty are encouraged to view and make changes to courses in advance of the transfer. Once the transfer is complete, users will see no change in their existing course data or content.