Request for Box Research Data Storage


Box is a storage and collaboration service that gives faculty, staff and students the ability to access, store, and share content securely—anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device.

Request for Box Research Data Storage

The Box Research Data Storage is utilized to store research data and other confidential information in a separate folder from personal folders.  The Box Research Data Storage folder system has special security settings to further secure the data from unauthorized access, and allows for longer retention periods.  It will be necessary for the Principal Investigator (PI) or folder owner to utilize their UNL account and email to access Box Research Data Storage.   Because a PI or folder owner may require more than one research folder with different collaborators, the name of the folder will be the Research Reference Number (or IRB #, sponsored agreement number, contract number).  In order to be able to define the restrictions and requirements necessary for the data, it is required for the PI or folder owner to select the types of data that will be stored in the folder and the purpose for the data storage.  Once the folder is setup, the PI or folder owner will receive an email.  


For the PI or folder owner, once logged into Box, a new folder will be displayed named “Restricted-“.  For collaborators, once logged into Box, they will see a folder name that is the number entered in the Research Reference Number field.  


  1. In order to request access a new or additional folder, the PI or folder owner will need to fill out the “Request a new research Box folder” request form.    
  2. If you need to add collaborators to an existing folder, select “Request to add collaborators to an existing research Box folder”
selector *
Select all types of data to be stored: *
Briefly describe what the other type of data will be stored.
What purpose is data to be stored: *
Please add the names, emails and the type of access of additional collaborators, separated by commas. NOTE: No shared accounts will be allowed to access the Box data. List individuals with first and last name, their email address, and the type of permission level (see the Permissions Level options below). If adding a collaborator that does not have a UNL, UNO, UNK, or Nebraska email address, the collaborator must sign up for a Box account at
Permission Level Upload Download Preview Get Link Edit Delete
Editor     X        X      X      X   X     X
Viewer Uploader     X        X      X      X   X
PreviewerUploader     X      X
Viewer        X      X      X
Previewer      X
Acknowledgment of Terms *
I acknowledge that if I need to add additional data types to my secured directory, I will contact ITS Security at I also acknowledge that I will not store SSN’s without prior approval as detailed at In order to keep the data secure, I agree I will not use Box SYNC for this data, and I agree I will not store the data on other computers once the data is uploaded in the secure Box storage. If Box SYNC is necessary, I will send an email to to request an exception to use Box SYNC for research data.