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Computer & Phone ShopComputer & Phone Shop

UNL Computer & Phone Shop offers UNL faculty, staff, and students discounted plans and equipment. Contracts are shorter, location is convenient and billing is easy.

Computer & Phone Shop


The Phone Shop offers Verizon and Sprint services.  We have exclusive cellular plan deals just for you. We offer UNL faculty, staff, and students discounted plans and equipment.  Contracts are shorter, locations are convenient and billing is easy.   Our bundled plans include unlimited data, unlimited texting, unlimited nights and weekends.  We also offer special pricing for cellular accessories.
The Computer Shop offers hardware, software and accessories at a discounted price. Any current UNL Faculty, staff and students as well as retired UNL employees are eligible for these services.  Eligible customers are welcome to add multiple lines to their service. Cost per items--retail, educational discounts.

Getting Started

Requests can be made by visiting us in the Lower Level of the City Union or emailing us at For Any Problems or Issues please call us at 472-5151 during business hours or 472-2000 for after hours.

Cellular Services: Personal cellular services can only be provided to University of Nebraska-Lincoln employees receiving a paycheck directly from UNL and/or currently enrolled students on the Lincoln campus. Employees that retired from UNL and have had cellular service at the time of retirement are allowed to continue their service. Cellular service from UNL Huskertech is considered a benefit and must follow the policies and procedures of all other University benefits.

Internet Services: The Huskertech store no longer has resale agreements with any internet provider and no longer offers this service to our customers.

Microsoft Office/Windows (media, sold in-store): Our sales agreement states that Microsoft Office sold in the store is also only allowed to be purchased by current University of Nebraska-Lincoln employees and students.

Computers & Accessories: All other items sold in the Huskertech store are available to anyone affiliated with the University regardless of the campus, as long as a school ID card is presented.

Customer Relations Manager

Casadi Johnson

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