About Digital Signage

Digital SignageDigital Signage

Digital signage is a way of electronically displaying information on a screen. They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings etc., to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor advertising.

About Digital Signage

Digital Signage helps departments distribute information in an engaging, interactive manner using large format displays. The target audience primarily are visitors to the campus, including prospective students and parents. Current students, faculty, and staff can also benefit from having easy access to campus events and news. Digital signs can have touch interactivity or be non-interactive, but still display dynamic content.

The University of Nebraska is leveraging digital signage management software from Four Winds Interactive. This management suite allows departments to control all of their distributed signs from a central location. It also allows departments to share their content with others, if they choose to do so. The NU digital signage implementation includes campus templates designed by University Communications to complement the Web Framework.

Participating in the Partnership (UNL Departments)

If your department is interested in participating in the NU digital signage initiative, please review the How To Guide for information on getting started. To officially join the partnership, please submit the Digital Signage MOU form (this is only required for UNL departments).

NU Digital Sign Committee Members


  • Shawn Lienemann (NU ITS)
  • Thane Webb (University Communications)


  • Erin Colonna (University Libraries)
  • Taylor DeMaro (University Communications)
  • Matt Honke (College of Engineering)
  • Todd Lanham (Campus Rec)
  • Jasmine Meeks (NU ITS)
  • Nate Morris (NU ITS)
  • Derek Niewohner (University Housing)
  • Mike O’Connor (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Marcelo Plioplis (University Communications)
  • Mark Robertson (University Police)
  • Kimberly Smith (College of Business)
  • Shea Svoboda (Computer Science and Engineering)


  • Dustin Mertz (UNMC ITS)


  • Mike Boettcher (NU ITS)
  • Sarah Casey (University Communications)
  • Mason Hatfield (University Communications)
  • Steve Lendt (College of Business Administration)