Digital SignageDigital Signage

Digital signage is a way of electronically displaying information on a screen. They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings etc., to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor advertising.

How To Guide

Managing Content with FWI Cloud Library

The Library in FWI Cloud is a content storage and file management solution that allows users to upload, view, and delete items. To access the Library, within FWI Cloud, on the dashboard, click Library. The following file types can be used: .png, .jpg, .svg, .pdf, .mp4

Uploading Content

To upload content, you can drag and drop items from your computer into the Library or click New > Upload
drag and drop files to FWI cloud library

Replacing Content

If a content item is updated, it can be replaced without impacting its path / URL. Select the item to be replaced from the Library. In the Properties window, select Replace. Navigate to the desired item to replace the current content. Confirm the replacement.
replace content in FWI cloud library

Organizing Content

To move content items in Library, drag-and-drop them from the content list to a folder in the folder tree. You can select multiple items to move together.
move content in FWI cloud library

Scheduling Content

Browse the Library for your playlist and select it to edit. Click the + button to add more content and browse the Library to add one or more images or videos. You can rearrange your playlist items by grabbing the dots on the left side of the item.
reorder content in FWI cloud library

When you add content, by default the Availability is set to always. You can select a specific start date/time and end date/time for your content. It is a best practice to use this to keep content from getting stale, and to avoid advertising for something like an event that has already occurred. You can even pick the days of the week to play content, if you wish.
content availability in FWI cloud library

When you add image content, by default the Duration is set to 30 seconds. It is recommended that you change this to something like 10 or 15 seconds. Video content will automatically be set to the length of the video.
content duration in FWI cloud library

If your playlist is set to Auto Publish, then as soon as you've added content and changed the Availability and Duration to your liking, you're all done! Your changes are automatically saved and published to your sign. You should see the changes you made take effect on your sign in about 15 minutes.