DocuSign E-signature Workflow Service

DocuSignDocuSign E-signature Workflow Service

DocuSign is a cloud based service that allows you to quickly and securely make every agreement and approval process digital–from any device, anywhere in the world.



DocuSign is an electronic signature, transaction management, and document workflow service.

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, the DocuSign Global Network connects organizations to their customers, partners, suppliers, and employees where they transact business in confidence.
  • DocuSign helps decrease transaction cycle times, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction with the easiest, fastest, most secure global network for sending, signing and tracking documents in the cloud.”

Getting Started

Do you need to send a document for a signature? Request a no cost Sending License.

Support Center - Answers to commonly asked questions

 Learning Portal - Self-paced training and other on-demand resources

Working Collaboratively with DocuSign

  • Shared Envelopes - Users on the same account can view and take action on shared envelopes. Team members and delegates can help each other with management tasks, such as sending reminders or correcting recipient information.
  • Signing GroupsSigning groups enable you to send an envelope to a predefined group of recipients and have any one member of the group sign your documents. When you send an envelope to a signing group, anyone in the group can open it and sign it with their own signature.
  • Share TemplateSharing a template allows other users and user groups on your account to access and use it to send documents for signature. As long as you have template share permission on your DocuSign account, you can share any template you created, and you can modify sharing settings for any template shared with you.
  • If you need assistance with the collaborative features send an inquiry detailing your need to

Securely working with DocuSign

Please review the DocuSign specific recommendations to identify suspicious emails. Also refer to ITS anti-phishing details for further help.

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Service News

Getting started with DocuSign
Thursday, March 26, 2020 to Friday, March 27, 2020

With the advent of working from home, I am offering a DocuSign getting started session. This session will be offered via zoom to provide the basics of DocuSign including:

  1. DocuSign overview
  2. Getting Started
  3. Sign Documents
  4. Send Documents
  5. Demo...
Read more

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