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Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor AuthenticationTwo-Factor Authentication

University of Nebraska ITS Security is moving to require Two-Factor Authentication for all Faculty, Staff, and students. To learn more please visit Read these important tips for email and your system before getting started with Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Email Tips

Two-Factor Authentication


2 factor

Illustrations courtesy of Duo Security

There are several ways to use Duo for Two-Factor Authentication, here are the most common:

Push Notification
A push notification pops up, where you can quickly
view login details and tap “Approve” on your iOS
or Android device to login.

Smartphone Passcodes
Easily generate login passcodes — no cell service
required. Duo Mobile is available for free on all
smartphone platforms.

Hardware Tokens
Are available, visit HuskerTech to request a
token if you don't have a cell phone. 


Common questions/issues

Duo documents

Manage Devices Instructions


Performed by you.  Duo never sees your user's passwords.


Handled by Duo Unix, Duo web or one of Duo's VPN integrations.


User challenged on their phone via phone callback, passcode or Duo Push


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