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Two-Factor Request Form

Two-Factor AuthenticationTwo-Factor Authentication

University of Nebraska ITS Security is moving to require Two-Factor Authentication for all Faculty, Staff, and students. To learn more please visit Read these important tips for email and your system before getting started with Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Email Tips

Two-Factor Request Form

If you are requesting Duo to use with Firefly, VPN or the Nebraska Student Information System, please log into TrueYou and select ‘Manage TrueYou Duo Two-Factor Devices’.

Hardware token
Personal tokens which can protect many other personal services are available for purchase at (some setup required). For those that have no other two-factor authentication method a limited number of tokens are available. By agreeing to this, if you receive a hardware token (fob) it will be at no cost to you. If you misplace or damage the fob and request another one, you will be required to pay for the requested replacement.
Based on your role and usage, please select the desired authentication source.
ex: jdoe3