Email Discussion lists (Listserv)

Email Discussion lists (Listserv)Email Discussion lists (Listserv)

LISTSERV provides everything you need to manage all of your opt-in email lists, including email newsletters, announcements, discussion groups and email communities.

Email Discussion lists (Listserv)


Supports All List Types: LISTSERV supports all types of mailing lists, including email newsletters, announcement lists and both moderated and unmoderated discussion groups, offering unprecedented versatility for all email list initiatives.

Automatic Subscription Handling: LISTSERV allows users to automatically subscribe, unsubscribe and maintain their subscription settings through the Web interface. Bounces are automatically handled, saving time and eliminating manual processing.

Searchable Web Archives: LISTSERV automatically maintains searchable message archives that offer full support for both text and HTML messages as well as attachments.

Newsletter Template Gallery: LISTSERV comes with a gallery of pre-designed and tested HTML newsletter templates that customers can use as-is or modify as needed. Newsletters can be created by simply clicking on placeholders and filling in the content.

RSS Support: LISTSERV supports RSS feeds, allowing subscribers to view messages using an RSS reader. RSS abstracts are generated automatically from the text of the message, or they may be specified explicitly.

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