Email - Office 365

Email - Office 365Email - Office 365

UNL has partnered with Microsoft to launch e-mail and other digital communication services.

Email - Office 365



UNL Faculty/Staff email are using Microsoft Office 365, providing staff, faculty with enterprise email, online document editing and storage, IM, and web conferencing.

Access your Office 365 e-mail account

Shared Accounts

Office 365 accounts for auxiliary, shared access, room or equipment reservations.

Lifetime email for Students

Your e-mail address can graduate with you and be your lifelong e-mail address if you wish.

Huskers.Edu email runs Office 365 for education—including email, instant messaging, group video and voice chat, and online document viewing and editing. With Office 365, you will now have two separate accounts:

Office 365 account—allows access your school email. Continue to use Microsoft Outlook Web App or Microsoft Outlook to view and send email from your school account.

Personal Microsoft account—allows access to SkyDrive, Messenger, and other Microsoft services. Use the same user name and password to access this account that was used to access Live@edu. Note that UNL no longer administers this account. As a result, we cannot reset the password. Use to reset the password for your personal account after the upgrade. Sign into SkyDrive ( using your existing Live@edu user name and password.

Service News

Microsoft returns FindTime
Tuesday, April 3, 2018

In March, Microsoft brought back the Outlook add-in and website FindTime, that uses a polling model to simplify group scheduling. FindTime was built to address the issue of connecting with multiple people who can’t see each other’s availability.

For more information about FindTime's return visit: ...

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Outlook 2016 Calendar Bug
Friday, March 16, 2018

Update: Microsoft released Outlook update 16.11 on Wednesday, March 14, resolving the calendar issue. Most devices managed by ITS received the update the same day. Users with a device not managed by its should run any available Microsoft updates.

*  *  *

Some Mac users with Outlook 2016,...

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