Endpoint Management Plan Request

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Endpoint Management Plan Request

Endpoint Management Plan requirements:

  • Implementation of the University of Nebraska Information Technology Services Endpoint Naming Standard.
  • Adoption of Endpoint Management Services software and utilities.
  • 10-15 business days for review and implementation of new Endpoint Management Plans.
  • 5-10 business days for updates to existing Endpoint Management Plans.
  • If there is a critical need to implement a plan or update an existing plan as soon as possible, please call an Endpoint Management team member after submitting the form.

Endpoint Management has developed the standard configurations below as the foundation of all University endpoint deployments following an Endpoint Management Plan, which include baseline settings, applications, and security. These configurations apply to new system deployments.

  • Windows: Configurations install during imaging with SCCM/MECM. Factory imaging is coming soon for Dell, HP, & Lenovo.
  • Apple: Configurations automatically install on the first run of a new OS install.

NU Standard Configurations

To request apps be made available for self-installation by users, submit a Self Service Software Request.

Use this form to submit an Endpoint Management Plan for your area or an area you support, building on NU Standard Configurations.

Contact Information
Your 8-digit NUID number, NOT your campus-specific credentials (EASI, MyUNL, NetID)
Request Information
When would you like to start using this plan? Required
Please allow 10-15 business days weeks for your Endpoint Management Plan to be reviewed and implemented before scheduled use. If there is an urgent need to implement this plan more immediately, contact the Endpoint Management Team member after submitting this form.
New Request Summary
This Endpoint Management Plan will be deployed to all endpoints with the Endpoint Organization Prefix that you specify. For user-based plans, this configuration will be applied when a specified user logs in to an endpoint with the Endpoint Organization Prefix you specify. To apply this plan to all endpoints in a Sub-Program, provide only the Campus code and Sub-Program code. Look up your Endpoint Organization Prefix.
Personal plans are for devices assigned to specific faculty or staff. Shared device plans are for classrooms, labs or other shared use.
For example, a hypothetical 10-seat, ITS-managed computer lab located at UNO might be: UITATDSC10401 - UITATDSC10410. Consult the Endpoint Naming Standard for more information about endpoint naming. If this shared Endpoint Management Plan will be deployed to endpoints in more than one location, specify multiple names or name ranges on individual lines. You can leave this field blank if you're not sure, and the Endpoint Management Team will contact you to discuss your plan.
Supply a list of usernames or an existing Grouper group. You can leave this field blank if you're not sure, and the Endpoint Management Team will contact you to discuss your plan.
Provide whatever details you think will be helpful to implement this Endpoint Management Plan, such as how the endpoints will be used, standard vs. administrator user accounts, specific software or accessory configurations, security requirements, virtualization needs, etc.
New Request Details

Please download and fill out the Endpoint Management Plan Worksheet below. Attach your completed Worksheet to the ticket generated by this request form.

Update Request Summary
Enter the Endpoint Management Plan name you were given by the Endpoint Management team when the original plan was developed. If you don't know the plan name, enter your Endpoint Organization Prefix.
Update Plan Details
Modify the Data Classification or additional security configurations.
Add or remove applications, or make configuration changes to existing application deployments.
Add or remove printers, network drives or other resources.
Add or remove special settings, or make configuration changes to existing special settings.
Individual users can be added to or removed from the target Grouper group, or specify an entirely new Grouper group.
Please provide any additional information you think the Endpoint Management team will need to implement this plan.